Newsletter: Not Pretty Today

a debut novel by Sonya Hutchison

Official Book Launch Party: 12/31/20

To my readers,

It’s New Year’s Eve and the time has finally arrived for you and a friend to help me celebrate my Launch Countdown at The Cookery, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

From 10 pm – 12:30 am, come in comfortable clothes and enjoy Chef Joe’s special hors-d’oeurves, an open bar, and a champagne toast at midnight. This is my treat for my special readers. There will be music and mingling as we wait the digital launch of my first novel.

On January 1, 2021, I’m Not Seeing Pretty Today will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Apple, and other eBook outlets. At midnight, the first two chapters of my novel will be emailed in a special version of my newsletter with a link to purchase the book at 10% discount. Check your email for a formal invitation and R.S.V.P. link on November 20, 2020.

So many of you have been with me as I traveled Meredith’s journey. Now find out the whole story of the girl who broke the wrong rule. I have given you clues and bits of her story, but what really happens to her in the alternative school? Does she make new friends? Go it alone? Will she finish the year? And how will her parents deal with her year? One thing I can tell you for sure-she will never be the same person again.

Nor will I. I knew writing Meredith’s story would become one of the biggest events of my life, but I never realized how many friends I would make along the way. I wish to thank all of you for your support, whether in emails, comments on my blog, or other messages. And I have more news because I am not finished yet! On my desk are the beginning plot lines for the next book in Meredith’s world featuring another character you will be anxious to meet!

Always keep reading,


(Special note: This page is part of a school assignment, but the book I am working on is real! S)