And the Internet Won…

See? It’s already up? However, this morning, just before 8 am EST, just as I clicked the button to start my Class (with a new student), I had no internet. The student was there. I had said “Hello,” and…Crash! It was my fault, Admiral Obvious told me many many times:

“You have no internet.” “Your student is waiting.” “Try another classroom line.” “You have no connection.” “This is another line, and you do not have internet.”

By this time I am frantic, and Yes I know “I Have No Internet!” What I do have is three minutes, now two, to get online somehow. If I cannot connect in time, the class will be canceled. Wait! I have my phone. I press the button the use it as temporary WiFi, but just as I get it loaded, time’s up! .

I am a new teacher to this learning platform, and I have spent weeks learning how to teach from a little square box on the screen. It took over ten trials until I passed the internet test. Am I getting out of hand here? Probably, but now I will worry for a while as the seconds count down to another class.

People, (you know, they) say it’s good for you to work outside of the box. I am working inside a little box.

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Tech People Are the Greatest!

Whew! I thought I was pretty well up to date with the current software, etc, but I am not. I had a final project due for a grad class, and it consisted of 15 videos of me (!!!) answering class questions. When I finally finished the file, it was too big to upload, so I called for Superpeople–the tech department. My hero, William, not only fixed my file, he submitted it for me as well.

On a side note, we were assigned a lot of video projects in this class, and I hated watching myself talk. (Just keep smiling!). It was helpful, though, in an online class, to see everyone. But I kept looking at my wrinkly neck. Vanity at 63. Pointless.