Retired at Five am

I am not retired. I thought I was. I get medicare plans and funeral insurance offers in the mail every day. I can get the “senior perks,” but I usually forget. I do get up at five am, five-thirty if I’m fast. And. And, I’m at work by six am. On. Camera. Yep, Big star. […]

And the Internet Won…

See? It’s already up? However, this morning, just before 8 am EST, just as I clicked the button to start my Class (with a new student), I had no internet. The student was there. I had said “Hello,” and…Crash! It was my fault, Admiral Obvious told me many many times: “You have no internet.” “Your […]

Facebook: My Love/Hate Relationship

Aaaaaargh! Facebook! My brilliant former student convinced me to go on Facebook in 2009 after a lot of cajoling and pleading. She was graduating and wanted to keep in touch with me. (Can’t we just write emails? No?) So, I did. I played a few games and found a lot of students who friended me. […]