We are all just prisoners here…

“We are all just prisoners here of our own device.” This is a line from the Eagles’ song, “Hotel California.” I liked the song when I heard it way back when, but as I got older, I wanted to understand what the songwriter meant by some of the lyrics. I heard people condemning the song […]

Firecrackers. City-Style.

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and while I am all for the great fireworks displays, I’m not so big on the personal noisemakers in my neighborhood. Aw no. I’m not just an old lady complaining. We’ve had firecrackers popping and banging at night in the city for weeks. I hope we’re finished. I didn’t […]

Retired at Five am

I am not retired. I thought I was. I get medicare plans and funeral insurance offers in the mail every day. I can get the “senior perks,” but I usually forget. I do get up at five am, five-thirty if I’m fast. And. And, I’m at work by six am. On. Camera. Yep, Big star. […]