About me

My Mission

Today, I write to support troubled young people who are afraid to tell their stories. They do not know the downward spiral of poverty and drugs on their streets will only hurt them more. I can speak for them because I taught them, and some had the courage to tell me about their lives which are full of people who do not give up and families who love. Our differences make us individuals.



Sonya is a mother, grandmother, teacher, and traveler.

She wanted to become a dancer but took piano lessons instead.

She reads everything, and her passion for young adult books came out of suggestions from her students. “You gotta read The Giver!” And later, “You have to read Harry Potter!”

She wrote weekly feature columns in high school and college, and the op-ed pieces became so popular, people looked for her on campus. Soon after, she pushed her writing away for a while as she worked as an apartment manager, a mall store manager, and later, she fought her fear dragons to return to grad school and become a teacher.

There is a saying that no one can scare a teacher, but the first time she taught a class, she paced the hallway for a half hour before so her knees wouldn’t shake. They didn’t, but she had sipped so much water before class, she had to bolt out the door for the bathroom the moment the bell rang. She also decimated more dragons because she earned another Master’s in English and Creative Nonfiction Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and an MFA to help her write this book.

However, she remains terrified of roller coasters and snakes.