Starting Over. No Rules.

I just trashed a bunch of stuff from this blog and also a few pages that I had to add to this site. Why?

I’m quitting, Yes, I quit. I have to.

I found out, unfortunately, that I am not on a healthy path, and part of it means I need to start this blog over.

But. I just couldn’t remove all the posts. So they remain. Outdated, but here, and I hope to begin again with new perspectives not dictated by a college professor or anyone else.

I’m Not Seeing Pretty Today is me, not a ficticious character based on some real people. It’s me. I have major depression, and it’s not going away. It’s actually getting worse. I have my meds which keep me just on this side of sanity, but I’m losing my long-time counselor because I’m turning 65 in a few months, and she doesn’t take Medicare. Argh! How can I possibly be this old? There was so much I wanted to do!

The question is—what’s important now? And when I figure that out, how will I do it?