The Real Truth and Consequences

The real truth is there has been a mass shooting almost every day this year in America. The real truth is “mass” means more than one, and “shooting” means a gun. We are talking about murders of innocent people. This is not war, is it?

I saw ‘Nam on TV every night at the dinner table of all places, and I didn’t understand that any more than I do what I am seeing on the news now. I can barely look! Who is dead now? A lot of people. Why? Because someone wanted attention? Is that it? Because some “crackpot” went nuts? Do we have that many crazies with guns in this country?

The consequences are dire. We have become a country of division, of meanness. It seems as though all the “badness,” every little negative bit in each of us has made us angry, and for some people that means taking a semi-automatic weapon and killing as many people as possible before the police stop it.

What do we do? Nothing? We have have been doing nothing.

Pray about it? That is a kind thing to do, but it hasn’t stopped the killing, either.

I worry about the world in which my four grandchildren will grow up. Will there be anything good left for them? Will they need to arm themselves to walk out their front doors in the morning? And even so, would that do any good?

There are good people in this country, but the consequences are dire, and a minority has made it that way.

I am a retired teacher. In the last city I taught, I lost at least five students to gun violence. I will never forget them. I saw them every school day, and then something happened, and they stopped coming to school. You know what I saw next: their faces on the news. And everyone was regretful and sad, but that didn’t bring them back to life. Those consequences are dire.

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