My Vision and a Book

If there is one thing I have wanted to do all my life that would practically empty out any bucket list, it would be to write a book. I have memoirs, but those are for another time, maybe for when I’m gone.

I finally know what story I should tell, and it is Young Adult Fiction, but as some stories are, there is a lot of truth in the telling. There are so many books for young people: romance, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, dystopian fiction, and more. In fact, there are as many categories of YA fiction as there are for adults, but here’s a secret I learned. Check out that young adult section on Amazon or in the library, or in your teen’s room. Find a title and begin reading. I did. First, it was because of my children, then it was for my students. (“Ms. Hutchison, you have to read Harry Potter!”) I was amazed! Since then I have read dozens of young people’s books, and to contribute to that genre of writing would be an honor.

My vision for this book is to tell a story that may not have been heard before. Isn’t that every author’s dream? Of course. I want to write about the teens I have worked with as a teacher, and they are not honors students, and they usually do not get noticed, unless it’s by the police. I want to give them a voice because I have seen them fall, but I have also seen them fight to find that tiny path that may be dark. If any take just one step on it, and then take another, they will soon find the first clue to something. It is their something, and it might be a way out of the neighborhood, or someone to talk to. Small Successes. Sadly, too many never get the chance. Why? That’s my story.