Retired at Five am

I am not retired. I thought I was. I get medicare plans and funeral insurance offers in the mail every day. I can get the “senior perks,” but I usually forget.

I do get up at five am, five-thirty if I’m fast. And. And, I’m at work by six am. On. Camera. Yep, Big star. Well, okay it’s my computer camera, and it took me a long time to get used to it. I had to specialize lighting and make sure I used darker eyeliner so my eyes didn’t sink into oblivion. It’s funny though, there is a timer that counts down the seconds until I start teaching. It’s my school bell. Yes, teaching on camera at six am. At the zero hour, I’d better have a big smile on my face because the four-year-old on the second screen has been awake for a while.

“Teacher! Hello, teacher! Teacher Sonya! Hi! Hi! Hi!” And so my day begins with just one of my 81 students.