Spirits, Anyone?

As promised, I have a ghost story from a boarding school. I worked there 16 years, and my classroom was either on the third or fourth floors of the old school building. This school is older than the United States, and during the Revolution, a nearby building housed injured soldiers.

Even after 16 years, I would balk at going upstairs to my classroom during study halls, and if I did, I turned on every single light as I went, practically running the whole way up and down. Why?

I believed my classroom to have extraordinary energy as it was a dormitory room many years ago. There were four separate closets which led me to think this was a room for four students. Perhaps that was why every time I walked next door to the copier (in a former teacher’s lounge), I heard definite footsteps in my classroom, although I knew no one was there!

I tried to debunk this. First of all, the footsteps were loud, and there was a stairway between my room and the copier room, so for years I told myself  it was the students going up and down the stairs, changing classes. That worked (at least in my mind) until I had a student watch for movement on the stairs. No one was using the stairs. The footsteps continued every time I left my classroom. I would even walk into the copier room and run back to my room as soon as a heard the steps. No one was there.

This got a little creepier when I began to hear furniture being moved around when I was making copies. I could never find anything out of place, but I confirmed both the steps and the furniture noises with several students and faculty. They heard it. too.

This was not all. I had a large poster hanging inside my door. The day after I hung it, I found it on the floor. Okay. I secured it better the second day, but the next morning, it was on the floor facing down. I tried again, using command strips. It was on the floor with the strips intact.

I finally decided whatever spirit, ghost, or energy that haunted the classroom did not like that poster, and I changed it. The new poster stayed on the wall exactly as I had hung it.

One day, I switched back to the previous poster. I found it on the floor the next morning.