Spirits and Redecoration

I’m not seeing painting today! I am living in a house that is over 100 years old, and the previous owner just slapped some neutral paint on everything! Matte paint on walls? Seriously? “Oh well,”  he said, “I figured you would want to change to your own colors.”

Yes, actually I do. But there is so much woodwork. Oh dear, now I hear my Grandpa Irvin whispering in my ear–“Just get it done!”

Speaking of ghosts, I am feeling more energy in the house now that I have begun painting and moving things around. I am a fan of “Ghost Hunters,” and I remember they would tell clients that redecoration unsettles the ghosts. Maybe you don’t believe in that stuff and nonsense, so I will try to get some work done, and then tell you some encounters I had when I worked at a 250 year old girls’ school. Stay tuned.